Greetings to anyone who wants to get their world rocked.

8 Jun

I had an amazing drunken idea the other day to start a blog where you, the people, get to submit stories to be rated on a best ever, worst ever scale. I know this might already be done somewhere, but I can assure you that I am way cooler. See, you feel better already, don’t you? What I plan to do is update the site weekly with a best ever, worst ever scenario and allow you to submit your story. After the deadlines close we will read them through, evaluate the response, take ten steps forward, ten steps back, and, wallah. That’s where babies come from…. Or a stork, someone once told me. Anyway, eventually we will make hard copy awards so that you little online junkies feel appreciated for your efforts. I’m happiest when I’m giving.

Enjoy the site and please feel free to send in any topics that you feel deserve to be voted on.




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