Best Ever Firing Story

22 Jul

You're Fired

Best way you have been fired

We have all been there before, working at a job, hating it and getting fired. Sometimes we try to see how far we can push the envelope, and see how much we can get away with, other times we are just victims of downsizing from ‘The Bobs’.

I’ll start it off with a story of a couple of friends of mine from my days working Produce at a Grocery Store.

Let me get this straight right off the bat, these guys wanted to get fired. It was high school and a bunch of us all had our summer jobs at the neighborhood grocery store to keep ourselves with some pocket change, and to keep our parents out of our hair.

Two of my friends worked at the Seafood counter, and they couldn’t stand it. They couldn’t deal with with smelling like fish all the time, with the annoying customers, or the worst part, the middle aged bosses that hated the job more than we did.

These guys had a plan.

They waited until one night when they were working late. They decided to steam a couple of lobsters at their counter. Meanwhile they broke into the in-store wine shop and stole a couple of bottles. The took all of this to the back where they set up a table with a table cloth from the store, right under the camera.

They enjoyed their meal, got drunk and time and time again flipped off the camera.

The next day when their boss found out, they were promptly fired, never to return to service at the neighborhood grocery store. Many other people were fired from the store for outrageous behavior, but this one took the cake.

What’s your best firing story?


5 Responses to “Best Ever Firing Story”

  1. mel 07/23/2009 at 4:04 PM #

    This sounds like someone I might know?

  2. slimpickingscooking 07/23/2009 at 1:52 AM #

    Where is higgza with his sobeys firing story?

  3. james 07/22/2009 at 10:13 PM #

    ummm that was going to be my story.. hmmm i better choose another one then.

    i was working for a deaf relay operating company in Montreal. I needed the job badly, so I worked all through december, christmas eve, and even christmas day. I managed to get New Years eve off, and a girl even offered to take my New Years day shift. Happy as a pig in shit I gladly obliged to switch my hours with her. Thinking everything was fine, I went out on New Years not worrying about my shitty job. After waking up from a terrible hangover, i checked my messages to find one from my employer informing me that I had not gone through the proper “procedure” to switch shifts, as the girl who wanted my hours had already worked too many, and they do not allow switching shifts if it results in overtime pay (the girl had worked 37hours, and her taking my shift would result in 41 hours). I went to work on my next shift, and at the end of the shift they called me in to the office. I sat down in front of my manager (this ugly gay dude that had said some fairly inappropriate shit to me during my time working their)and some other fucker, and they proceeded to inform me that I had not properly changed my shift. anyhow these fuckers inform me that because i am still under temporary contract, that they would be letting me go (3months to become an offical employee, I had worked 2 months and 24 days). I asked them why they had not fired me a the beginning of my shift, and his response was “well we figured you needed the work”. This caused my to flip out. I grabbed one by the front of his shirt, and said “and im not going to need them after today?”. I pushed him into his chair/wall, called him worthless corporate scum and told him that if I knew I wouldn’t get arrested that I’d kick the shit out of him and his fucking sidekick.
    I was escorted off the premises by security.

  4. Phyllis Schreiber 07/22/2009 at 9:24 PM #

    This story sounds VERY familiar. I case anyone doubts this really happened, it did!

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