Best Ever Celeb Athlete Look a Likes

27 Jul

I was in the Doctors office today and while I was waiting to see him I decided to pick up a magazine (I knew I would be there for a while). While flipping through the pages I came across a picture of Miami Dolphins quarterback, Chad Pennington. For some reason unbeknownst to me, my mind pulled one out of left field. Holy shit, Chad Pennington looks EXACTLY like Johnny Lawrence, the bad guy in Karate Kid.  And that’s where this blog post came from. This post is dedicated to Celebrities and athletes who look strangely alike. Stay tuned, next time I’ll tell you where babies come from.

Chad Pennington/Johnny Lawrence

Dan Marino/David Hasselhoff


Nick Johnson/Roy from the Office


David Ortiz/Esther Rolle


Cal Ripken Jr./Steve Wilkos


Mike Holmgren/Martin Mull


Ron Jeremy/Stan Van Gundy


Khalil Greene/Owen Wilson


Cedric the Entertainer/Dusty Baker


Mike Tomlin/Omar Epps



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