Best Taser Ever? Taser x3

28 Jul

Great, the police are hard at work making better and more elaborate tasers to fuck us up with. Don’t they have better things to do like making better and more elabortate donuts to get from Dunkin Donuts? The video below is the new Taser x3 which can shoot three people at once. I repeat, THREE PEOPLE AT ONCE! with no reloading! From up to thirty-five feet away! Can you say, fuck? Don’t worry though, apparently it “features a ‘pulse calibration system’” which allows for electricity to be distributed across the outer layer of skin rather than penetrating deeper into the body.” Translation: They’re hoping not to fry & kill anyone while in the process of using these things, like the 300 other folks that died as a result within the last year.

Does anyone else find it odd that there is a crew of big male cops shooting three tiny women? Umm I smell some serious pussy. No not the three that are frying on the ground


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