Worst drunk ever: Drunk Lady Vs. Boston Train

11 Nov


Congratulations Boston, you have officially solidified yourself as the closest resemblance to Ireland yet again. This drunken stunt comes to you via the MBTA when a woman who probably drank enough booze to kill an entire class of kindergarteners wobbled her dumb ass over the train platform and fell onto the tracks as the subway cart rolled in. Lucky for the drunken woman, brave souls standing on the platform did absolutely nothing but wave their arms aimlessly at the conductor. Obviously flailing like a handicap person winning a medal would stop a train, right? Not so much. According to USA Today:

The driver of a Boston subway train made an emergency stop only inches short of a woman who had fallen onto the tracks and was stumbling and flailing around, the Associated Press reports.

Charice Lewis, the driver, had been alerted only moments before by a fellow MBTA employee who radioed her from the platform.

The hair-raising incident, with fellow passengers waving frantically on the platform as Lewis pulled the emergency brake, was caught on security cameras.

The woman, whose name was not made public, suffered some scrapes and was taken to a hospital for evaluation after the incident last Friday. She told authorities she had been drinking, the AP says.

According to the woman, she’s “wicked excited to be alive,” and is “going to head to tha bahhhh and grab ah beahhh.”

That’s actually not a direct quote, but I assume it went something like that. She is from Bahsten for Pete’s sake. Good job lady, I bet you fall off the curb and kill yourself now. No one gets that lucky without paying the price. Sorry, I didn’t create karma.


One Response to “Worst drunk ever: Drunk Lady Vs. Boston Train”

  1. Nick Savino 11/23/2009 at 10:37 PM #

    Boston is the worst place I have ever been in my entire life and will never return. Drunken ignorant white people everywhere. That video is a great example.

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