Funny Biz: Lookin’ Bro, by Mac Lethal

23 Nov

I’m not sure how this video never came to my attention prior to this day, but boy am I glad I stumbled upon it. Living in the NYC area you see a lot of huge douche bags with fake tans, insanely gelled hair, thin eyebrows, G-Unit wife beaters, Ed Hardy shirts, ripped jeans, fake diamond earrings. Fuck, the list could go on forever.

I don’t know who Mac Lethal is, but he maybe my new best friend for making such a perfect rap dedication to all these freakin douchers. If you hate guidos as much as I do then you’ll love the video. Does anyone know who to talk to about creating an honorary holiday? I want to start a ‘beat up a douche bag guido day’. It will be better than Christmas!

This just in, Mac Lethal is part of Rhymesayer which makes him way fucking cool.


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