Dear God, no! MTV does the Jersey Shore

1 Dec

I feel like I’m having déjà vu right now. Did I not just do a post about guidos?  Am I the only person in this whole goddamn world that thinks that MTV executives need to be head butted repeatedly, one after another until they have no ability to form proper sentences or possibly motor skills? I mean, really? They’re actually making a show. About the Jersey shore? Umm I’m fairly certain I would rather watch a baby get run over by a car (not actually, that would be a horrible thing). If you agreed, you’re sick in the head and need serious help. But, seriously, I can’t believe this didn’t already exist. People actually dig this shit and I bet you so many little douchers will be tuning in each week to get their fill.

I know people like this!!

Anyway, apparently MTV is promising a whole summer-share house full of the “hottest, tannest, craziest guidos.” Cool, MTV. How about you die? Sounds like the worst thing ever yah little ‘Trick Ass Trickstres’. Below are a few videos I found online and I apologize in advance for you having to watch this, but “get ready for a whole new crazy.”

Ugh I just puked in my mouth.


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