Perez Hilton is a Talentless Hack

9 Dec

I literally cannot describe how satisfying this video of Sam Rubin from KTLA, Los Angeles ripping into Perez Hilton is to me. I dislike Perez almost as much as I dislike Ebola or AIDS, although they all do the same thing, kill people from the inside out. This dude(ish thing) is a talentless hack and the only reason he’s famous is because he started blogging before it was cool.

All this asshole does is take a picture and draw on them. I know kids in kindergarten with more talent than this drama queen. Anyway, I could write for days about the hatred I have for this punk bitch, but I will allow Sam to articulate for me in his two minute rant. Listen closely to the other anchors on the show backing him up with their best Flavor Flav impressions. Simply amazing.


One Response to “Perez Hilton is a Talentless Hack”

  1. B 12/09/2009 at 7:19 PM #

    Schreibs, can you start doing a weekly segment where you draw on pictures of Perez? then we can add our own?

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