Cute as a button: Ode to Alison Brie

21 Dec

I love the internet more and more each day. Not only can one search for things necessary for school, work or filling their “personal needs”, we can also dig up ridiculous things up and coming celebrities do before they become house hold names. For those of you unfamiliar with the amazingly adorable Alison Brie, she plays Trudy Campbell on “Mad Men” and Annie on “Community.” Not only is this girl cute as a button, she also happens to be on two of favorite shows. Double score!!

The video below, named “Christmas Idol,” was apparently from two years ago.  This video is obviously a spoof that makes me want to spooge and as you can see, Santa is more than down to give her an unwrapped gift for Christmas (see what I did there?), while the Ghost of Christmas Past and Jesus aren’t really feeling it all that much. I don’t see what their problem is, I mean what makes Jesus so high and mighty that he can judge like that? Oh, wait, he’s the son of God? Good point, still, even the son of God would want to touch her. Unlessssss….? Think about it.

Also, for your viewing pleasure I’ve attached this follow up video that is garaunteed to get your blood boiling. Probably not suitible for work (unless you’re Charlie Runkle).


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