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Racist Commercial: Mo Money Taxes (sigh)

14 Jan

Well at first I was just so taken back by the absurdity of this commercial that I didn’t bother reading the racial hatred going on in the comment boards below, but as I watched it over and over (for reasons unknown), I noticed some serious shit talking going on between both races. And by races I actually mean racists. I’m happy to say, as a white male who is extremely embarrassed by my race MOST of the time, we are not the only ones out of line on this post. Although, you can smell the trailer park oozing from these comments. On a happier note, if you read all the way to the bottom you can see that this started off as a peaceful discussion about the underlying meaning of the commercial and what makes it good or bad… Obviously that quickly fizzled.

Anyway, this post was way too long, so I decided to just leave it at that. But for your viewing pleasure, below are a few of the most incredibly articulated sentences I have heard humans put together on comment boards. Fuck, we’re doomed.

– U stupid bitch, Im black, but why is it when black people have a buisiness (which they are obviously adept at) why they gotta take away from their credibility with a dumb ass, unprofessional ass, ghetto ass commercial?

– fuckin blacks

– Wat the hell! This commercial so corny & den dat white lady tryin 2 b ghetto but contry as shit!!! Who directed dat mess. It’s embarrassin’! Throwin shoes and sum of dem couldnt even pronounce dey words right

– This company would make bank if they gave out free kfc coupons with yo taxes.

– Yea, deys be well respected in Memphis. Folk love they stuff to be degradred. Free bales of cotton with every refund!!!!! Yous wants a do’rag? Lets us know what color, blue fo’ they crips and s#$%, red fo’ they homies! Free ’til tha DEA comma callin’!!!!!

– Black people stereotyping themselves… nigz.

– Sorry, sir. I cant understand your Ebonics or whatever your talking is. By the way, I think that it should be you who should go back to your cave/jungle/whatever it maybe. Hypocrite.

– Judging by your answer, I have confused the dumb white man. Sorry, I’m speaking above your head. You must be an illterate Bafoon.

– Are you scared MetalSlim19??? The Niggers are taken over! Black President, Black Taxman… Ain’t nuthin like Rich & Educated Niggers! Betta head back to your cave troglodyte!


Best Ever: Politicians caught in hilarious positions

12 Jan

Well to be completely honest there really isn’t much that I can write here to make these already hilarious pictures even funnier. So I am going let the pictures do the talking. Hahahah Politicians are dumb.

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