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Worst Commercial Ever: Devassa Bem Loura | Paris Hilton

26 Feb

Can I just tell you how ass backwards this commercial is to me? Paris Hilton for a beer commercial in Brazil? Paris Hilton. Seriously? Why the shit would this make any sense to the people of Brazil? Don’t they want to sell beer? Last time I checked, Brazil had the most beautiful women in the world example one, example two, example three, example four. Why the hell would anyone outsource this shit? Whoever thought this ad campaign up needs to be slapped in the junk with a metal glove. I’m really disappointed actually. She is the anti-christ and not even a hot one at that. They might as well have used this sexy dude thing for the commercial. At least Rosie probably drinks beer. I’m pretty sure the only substance Paris doesn’t abuse is beer. Maybe if this commercial was for cocaine, MDMA or Xanax it would be more fitting, but beer? Seriously! How can she snort beer?

Anyway, here is the ridiculous commercial.


Epic News Fail: 16 Hilarious News Headlines

25 Feb

Below are the 16 funniest headline fails of all time as ranked by The Huffington Post. I just like to imagine the look on the faces of the incompetent editors who either titled the article themselves or just let them slip by.

Enjoy! There are some gems in there.

Unitards, Frosted Tips and Stupid Faces: Yes, Figure Skating! (Photo Evidence)

19 Feb

Well the Olympics are fully underway, and like many of you, I avoid figure skating like it’s the Herp. I don’t know why that is…. Besides how unbelievably homosexual it is. Or, maybe it’s because these guys shit talk like they’re Will Ferrell and Jon Heder in Blades of Glory. OR, how about those feathered bangs, frosted tips, and  unitards these dudes wear while flamboyantly prancing around like they’re kings.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for gay rights. Seriously, I am. I even joined the goup “1,000,000 Strong for Gay Rights” on Facebook, which, might I add is well above 1MM now. Go figure. But, figure skating is the most hilarious “sport” ever to me. Even more hilarious than Cheer-leading. Happy little tricks wearing nothing, being all happy and shit. Actually, I love cheerleaders, what am I talking about?

Below is an ode to the Olympics funniest figure skating faces. Enjoy!

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