Amare Stoudemire: PETA Ad Campaign with Leather Ball

5 Mar

Maybe you’ve seen the latest PETA ad (above) which bares a topless Amare Stoudemire holding a Spalding basketball while rockin his hilariously cheesy tattoos that every pro basketball player in the world has. Anyway, tattoos aside, the hilarity that I found in this ad, which, mind you, I find hilarity in every PETA ad because those ladies are bat shit crazy, is that Amare is holding a Spalding basketball…in fact; he is holding a Spalding TF-1000 basketball made of “exclusive Microfiber Composite Leather”. LEATHER!!!

Who the hell failed to see that one during the photo shoot?

I can just imagine a meeting of the minds at PETA headquarters. Those rocket scientists must have thought they were brilliant with this one.. Hey, I have an idea, let’s get a male athlete who wears leather shoes, and plays with a leather ball to come talk about cruelty to animals. Smart, right?! Maybe the crew of terrorists at PETA need to get their heads out of their asses before designing such a retarded ad campaign. Just a thought thought.

World – 1

PETA – 0

Here’s another one with Ron Artest of all people.

Leather belt? Check!

Leather shoes? Check!


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