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Hamilton, Ontario Grandma Loves Bongs, Rum, Christmas and Breaking the Law.

27 Apr

Giant bottle of Appleton Rum, check! Big bong, check!. Wild life sweatshirt, check! Christmas? Grandma!!!

I’m just going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say the weed is for her cataract disease. And the booze, well, that bottle is so big I don’t really have anything to say about that.

Story below compliments of Toke of the Town. Yeah apparently that site really does exist.

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Fat Asian Woman Loves Yoshinoya (Photo Evidence)

22 Apr

Sorry about my lack of blog posts, people, I’ve been busy with my real life as a struggling male prositute. Today, like everyday, I was doing my daily Internet browse when I came across this foxy babe who wasn’t about to let neck high flooding stop her from shoving her face with Yoshinoya fast food. Apparently America isn’t the only country who loves fast food. The only difference would be, in America that would have been a Taco Bell. And the flooding surrounding her would most likely be a result of a seven layer burrito… Ewh…

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McCain Twitters, loves Gay Porn Sites

5 Apr

In hilarious non arm raising news, soon to be ex-Arizona Senator, John McCain is apparently venturing into the whole internet thing. And in his web debut Americas favorite grandpa ended up on a gay porn site called Guys With iPhones. Considering this dude was alive for the invention of fire this is a pretty big step for him.

Obviously McCain, being a real “Maverick” was trying to show American’s that he has the ability to┬ábe ‘hip’ (without breaking his own). You lose, McCain. This photo and the outcome of it hitting the internet is an EPIC FAIL. I find it hilarious that he even has a Twitter page. I mean, seriously, what do you expect is going to happen if you place a hilarious photo of yourself online? All of a sudden massive amounts of twenty something American’s are going to realize you totally get them and flood down to vote for you? No! Obviously we are going to make fun of you endlessly until you retire. Or die. Whichever comes first…

This just in, Sen. McCain just pooped in his adult diapers and dribbled on his bib.

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