Fat Asian Woman Loves Yoshinoya (Photo Evidence)

22 Apr

Sorry about my lack of blog posts, people, I’ve been busy with my real life as a struggling male prositute. Today, like everyday, I was doing my daily Internet browse when I came across this foxy babe who wasn’t about to let neck high flooding stop her from shoving her face with Yoshinoya fast food. Apparently America isn’t the only country who loves fast food. The only difference would be, in America that would have been a Taco Bell. And the flooding surrounding her would most likely be a result of a seven layer burrito… Ewh…

Compliments of WithLeather.com


One Response to “Fat Asian Woman Loves Yoshinoya (Photo Evidence)”

  1. P. Kenney 04/23/2010 at 11:06 AM #

    Hey, think about all the carbs she burning off whilst swimming through flood to get her delicious and nutritious Yoshinoya Fast Food. Thats dedication! I bet if we flooded a couple of McDonalds “chub houses” Americans wouldn’t brave the cold waters for their Big Mac’s. I say again DEDICATION!

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