Best Flight Attendant Ever? South West Airline Rapper, David Holmes

26 May

Flying these days isn’t exactly an amazing experience. We have ridiculous flight taxes, baggage costs, insane delays, rude flight attendants, undersized seats, pay to eat, and more. But every so often a few lucky people get on a plane that isn’t the worst experience of their life (unfortunately I am never one of those lucky bastards people). I don’t know how old this video is, but it’s really amazing. I can’t even talk shit about it so you know it must be good.

David Holmes is an SWA flight attendant who takes an unconventional approach to getting his passengers attention. Enjoy David’s lyrical ability to get his cabin in order and no doubt get anyone with flight anxiety a little more at ease prior to take off. Keep up the good work, David.

Warning to anyone who ever flies with David; even if you’re impressed by his rapping abilities do not get caught up in the hype and yell things out like, “you’re the BOMB”, chances are you’ll be arrested.

I wish I had this guy on my Air Canada flight last week. Instead I had to overhear a flight attendant explain to another passenger why our tiny plane was flying across county. Her explination didn’t exactly put me at ease.

Unknown passenger: “There isn’t  much room to store overhead bags on this flight, isn’t that unusual for a six hour flight?”

Flight attendant: “Well unfortunately due to budget cuts we are flying a plane that is not normally a long distant jet, but instead a more of a local plane for short distances”

Me inside my mind: “FUCK MY LIFE!”


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