Ke$ha is the worst: Sing Talk (Tik Tok Parody)

26 May

If you’re like me, then you undoubtedly hate the musician likes of Ke$ha. I hate everything about her from her terrible lyrics and lack of talent all the way to the spelling of her name. She’s just so edgy because of the way she spells her name with a dollar sign in it Hehehe. Oye Vey!  So anyway, if I could I would push her down some stairs or something, but that would be illegal and I don’t break the law today.

Thanks to the fellas at College Humor for making (or endorsing) this amazing parody of her “hit” song Tik Tok. It’s pretty much spot on. The only thing I would do differently is tie the real Ke$ha to the railroad tracks somewhere. Oh, wait that has nothing to do with this video…. Just watch it already, yo!


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