Chick Makes Same Face in Every Photo (She obviously sucks)

27 May

See, this is why I love the Internet. There is so much hate just floating around this bitch it’s hilarious. So I found this video while browsing my favorite blogs last night and just felt it needed to be shared because of the multi-level hilarity.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Right now, you are watching a 2:09 video of what I can only assume to be the most annoying girl in the entire shitty world Jersey Shore making the same exact kissy/diarrhea face in every photo. AND to go along with this ridiculous face she makes there is the Indiana Jones theme song playing in the background of the poorly created video slide show.

Now moving on. What’s even funnier to me is that someone out there, whom I am going to assume is a “friend” of this obvious Ruh-tard (who clearly doesn’t know how to work her Facebook privacy settings) has gone out of her way and spent some serious time scouring the Internet to assemble the best pics of this person to simply ruin her. You have to hate someone a whole lot to waist all that time just to put pics into a slide show.

Kudos to you, ma’am. You are the hater of the day.


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