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15 Things You NEED To Know About Marijuana

23 Jun

I don’t think there is much for me to write on this post.


Immortal Dog!

17 Jun

Not much to say about this one besides watch it. Man, I wish my dog was immortal…

Minor League Coach/ Former Met Wally Backman Ejected: Hilarity Ensues

11 Jun

Not much to say about this one besides watch it. Wally Backman get’s tossed for nothing right after one of his players gets tossed for nothing. What happens after is pure amazing spazziness.

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Kia Motors: Hip-Hop Hamsters. The Worst Ad Campaign This Year? Yes!

11 Jun

I’m sure that many, if not all of you have seen the lame ass advertising campaign that Kia Motors recently released (video above), and if you’re at all like me then they piss you off every time they air. I’m honestly not sure what the hell this company is trying to convey, but it seems that their cars are comparable to kitchen appliances? And the song “The choice is yours” by Black Sheep is probably one of the greatest songs in hip-hop history and now it’s associated with this garbage.

It seems that Koreans are just about as good at building cars as they are rockets. Ohhhhh burn! Topical humor, what!?

Listen, I know what they are attempting to say here, but let’s just dissect this a bit. Instead of using this song and comparing the Kia to, say, another car in its category they instead compare it to a TOASTER….

It is a nice toaster though. I could see myself loading some nice bread in there and then adding some grape jelly and peanut butter (nom non nom).

So anyway, because of this ridiculous excuse for an ad campaign I decided to add my own commentary on there. Enjoy.

Photos you couldn’t plan. WOW

10 Jun

Today has been somewhat slow, so instead of searching for stories to make fun of I just decided that photos will suffice. Screw you, I can be lazy if I feel like. God!

The shirt says it, it must be true

Racial TV. You literally couldn’t think this up if you tried.

Hilarious Video: Severe Earthquake Warning For California in September 2010

10 Jun

This video’s been making the round today, but it’s too good not to post. I’m not sure what’s wrong with this guy (besides the fact that he’s not a weather man), but he seems to be a bit slow

I love how he yells like a drill sergeant. And those teeth! Man, this guys a looker.

Hey, BP, Effe You! Funny Photos (making fun of them, of course)

10 Jun

So it’s often hard to tell when it’s too soon to post “funny” pictures about a tragic incident, but seeing as though I’m heartless, I said F#&% it. Just kidding (about saying F#$% it, obviously). Here are a few photo shopped dandies that have made their way on the worldwide porn hub web poking fun at the most evil, douchbag, bad teeth having, former “empire” company in the world, BP.

But in all seriousness. BP, you are the devil and I hope you never sell another gallon of oil you fucking wankers.

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