Kia Motors: Hip-Hop Hamsters. The Worst Ad Campaign This Year? Yes!

11 Jun

I’m sure that many, if not all of you have seen the lame ass advertising campaign that Kia Motors recently released (video above), and if you’re at all like me then they piss you off every time they air. I’m honestly not sure what the hell this company is trying to convey, but it seems that their cars are comparable to kitchen appliances? And the song “The choice is yours” by Black Sheep is probably one of the greatest songs in hip-hop history and now it’s associated with this garbage.

It seems that Koreans are just about as good at building cars as they are rockets. Ohhhhh burn! Topical humor, what!?

Listen, I know what they are attempting to say here, but let’s just dissect this a bit. Instead of using this song and comparing the Kia to, say, another car in its category they instead compare it to a TOASTER….

It is a nice toaster though. I could see myself loading some nice bread in there and then adding some grape jelly and peanut butter (nom non nom).

So anyway, because of this ridiculous excuse for an ad campaign I decided to add my own commentary on there. Enjoy.


One Response to “Kia Motors: Hip-Hop Hamsters. The Worst Ad Campaign This Year? Yes!”

  1. Your Fwiend 06/11/2010 at 8:01 PM #

    Love everything about this post. Hate everything about that damn commercial.

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