Best “Male” Cheerleader Ever? This “Guy’s” Got Spirit!!! (clap, clap)

8 Jul

I’m at a loss for words…

Have any of you ever seen the movie ‘Just Friends‘ with Ryan Reynolds where he plays a once fat, nerdy loser who by a twist of fate ends up back in his home town (in the Dirty Jerz) after he becomes all like hunky and dreamy because he lost weight and works in the music business just to find his best friend, Jamie Palamino, who he’s loved forever still living at home (and single)… Jamie, however has never thought of him as a lover because he was a puffy, weirdo who liked to dance and eat huge bowls of ice cream to his face. BUT, when he comes back in his new, fit body, Jamie realizes that, hey maybe I do love this guy now that he’s not covered in 200lbs of pure cookie dough fat. Yah I don’t remember that movie either, but this guy reminds me of him.

Which brings me to my next point: If you are a fat loser who loves a girl and she doesn’t like you, don’t worry, all you need to do is lose weight and get a job in music. Girls will love you then because 95% of all women are superficial and only want a guy with money and washboard abs… Story of my life!


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