James Franco Cuts His Arm Off: ‘127 Hours’ Trailer

26 Aug

Well this Trailer looks badass. Director Danny Boyle seems to have done it again. As if directing Slumdog Millionaire didn’t bring him enough Oscars, he’s back with his latest bonerific movie, ‘127 Hours,’ starring James Franco.

Before you watch the trailer, I’m just going to assume that everyone who reads my blog knows who Aron Ralston is… If not, the cliff note version (no pun intended) is, this is the dude who cut his own fucking arm off with a dull knife after falling through a crevasse in Utah. With that little bit of gut churning knowledge, check this video out. Blam!


One Response to “James Franco Cuts His Arm Off: ‘127 Hours’ Trailer”

  1. CMrok93 08/28/2010 at 4:40 PM #

    127 Hours looks good, and I know Danny Boyle can literally direct anything, but a story about a guy being trapped under a rock for more than 5 days, is kind of a stretch. Yet, Franco is a great actor, and can probably sell it.

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