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21 Dec

Cause if yah don’t know, now yah know.

You’ve just been graced with The Lonely Island’s first single to their second album, featuring Akon, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and John McEnroe. I know this type of shit is done by everyone and their mother, but I still dig these dudes.



Acrobats strip for Pope Benedict XVI, perform topless in Vatican (video)

15 Dec

Um, seriously?

Fast forward to about 55 sec to see the exact moment the Pope get’s a chubby.

New WikiLeaks: Ruining Movies For EVERYONE!

10 Dec

Way to ruin it for everyone, Mr. Assange!


You’re Doing it All Wrong! Kid Attempts to Drink Water

8 Dec

This kid is just adorable. A bit slow, but adorable none-the-less.

I guess when you’re that young drinking problems are just considered cute. Try that in you’re 20’s. Not so cute. Trust me.

This Woman is Crazy-Loco (Video)

7 Dec

This crazily over exaggerated maniac is hand model, Ellen Sirot. Here she speaks with Katie Couric on CBS news about, ummm, hand stuff?

Straight up, this woman is nuts. Like, must have no friends nuts…. She definitely does not have a boyfriend. For Christ sake, she doesn’t use her hands for shit! You know what that means. If you don’t, maybe you shouldn’t be reading my blog (no handjobs).

Best EVER! A TRIBE CALLED QUEST Documentary Trailer (Created by: Michael Rapaport)

2 Dec


Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

If you love Hip-Hop, you love ATCQ. If you don’t love Hip-Hop, you probably still love ATCQ.

Just watch the video.


Best Ever: Get Pitted! A surfer’s Remix (video)

2 Dec

This is way overdue for sure! This man showed his brah face antics back in January ’09 with a hilarious interview about a gnarly storm pounding the West Coast.

Thanks to the Interweb he’s back with a sick track created by Melodysheep. Whoever they are they put together one snazzy ass auto-tune remix.

Listen and enjoy, the beat is actually really ill.


Dude you got the best barrels ever dude
Just like you pull in
And you just get spit right out of ’em

You just drop in, just smack the lip
Then after that, you just drop in
Just drop it down

Ride the Barrel and get pitted
So pitted


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