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Old school Throw Back: Delta Airlines Ebonics Commercial

23 Feb

I’m not sure what prompted me to post this video. It’s crazy old (in Internet years, I mean), but I remember being a young lad watching this with my friends cracking up. Oh how I miss the days when In Living Color was on the air. Now we have shows like How to ruin eight kids lives and become a fame whore. Good times.

“Y’all goin on vacation? See the thing is if you ’bout to be up out this biatch, check it, peep Delta. We be flyin all over this bitch!”


It’s Ok to be a Cat Guy: PSA (video)

14 Feb

See, I told you all. It’s totally ok to be a cat guy. If Marc the boxer is a cat guy then I sure as hell can be one.

Here are the reasons why I’m totally manlier than him. A) I never use the words “fabulous”, B) my cats are gangsters, C) I would never be on a PSA telling people I would kill them if they harmed a cat….I don’t need a PSA for people to know that about me, and D) I’ll punch you in the neck.



Best Ever: The Bieber Movie: For Guys

10 Feb

Thank you a million times over, SecretSauce.TV for creating another perfect spoof video. This shit is perfect in every way. The commentary, brilliant! The boobies, delightful! It’s all a fan can ask for. Oh and it makes fun of Justin Bieber so that’s cool too.


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