Best Ever: Mary Kate and Ashley – Adorably Racist (video)

28 Mar


Ummm what the shit just happened there? Did they just throw fried chicken into the black guys guitar box?

This just in. Yes, they did, in fact just throw fried chicken into the black guys guitar box. Who do they think they are, Paris Hilton or something?



Best Ever: Rap cat, Meow That’s Some Gangsta S#!T

28 Mar


How in the world did I miss this? I’m sorry, Internet. I’ll never hurt you again.

Adorable Kid Stars in “The Jokester” (Video)

25 Mar

Apparently CoCo Bean thinks he’s the funniest baby in the world. I happen to agree….for the moment, that is.

Be careful if you’re blonde, your head might explode. If you didn’t get that joke it’s probably because you’re blonde.

P.S. this dad is a†genius, or a complete prick. You decide.


Rebecca Black – Dimitri Finds Out Today is Friday (video)

23 Mar

I have a soft spot for funny Russian people. Perhaps because I am one.


Best Ever: The ‘Situation’ Bombs at the Trump Roast (video)

17 Mar

I’m writing this blog from Paris so I don’t really have the time to say anything witty. Oh, also, I’m better than you because I’m writing this from Paris. It’s ok though, deal with it.

For some reason I find this video†absolutely†hilarious and infuriating at the same time. Hilarious that this guy is such a tool, and infuriating because he’s so much wealthier than I am for being such a giant bag of douche. Thanks, America. You prick.

Best Ever: Social Media Explained

17 Mar

So, yeah. This is about as accurate as it gets.

Man, the experts are right, the Internet is a powerful place to be heard….if you have to pee.


Fat Kid Owns Bully (Video)

14 Mar

The video attached was apparently posted to Facebook via the portly child’s parent. Someone sign this kid up for wrestling now, please.

Says the parent:

The larger kid on the right, is my sonís friend Casey Ė thankfully they donít go to the same school. Poor Casey has been bullied his whole high school life, and this is what happens when he snaps!! But guess who was suspended in this scenario Ė Casey!!

Says me:

How fucking dumb are you to pick on a kid that can eat you?


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