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Best Ever: Cute Kid LOVES Kid Cudi (video)

29 Mar


There seems to be a baby trend today. Oh well, I’m just gonna roll with it. And therefore I have nothing remotely witty to say.


Best Ever: Adorable Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation (video)

29 Mar


Yeah, while this is super cute in every way I somehow think that they are plotting something terrible. Or perhaps they’re talking smack about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Either way, keep talking, dudes!

Best Ever: Mary Kate and Ashley – Adorably Racist (video)

28 Mar


Ummm what the shit just happened there? Did they just throw fried chicken into the black guys guitar box?

This just in. Yes, they did, in fact just throw fried chicken into the black guys guitar box. Who do they think they are, Paris Hilton or something?


Best Ever: Rap cat, Meow That’s Some Gangsta S#!T

28 Mar


How in the world did I miss this? I’m sorry, Internet. I’ll never hurt you again.

You’re Doing it All Wrong! Kid Attempts to Drink Water

8 Dec

This kid is just adorable. A bit slow, but adorable none-the-less.

I guess when you’re that young drinking problems are just considered cute. Try that in you’re 20’s. Not so cute. Trust me.

Best Ever: Awesome Animals

16 Jul

Well the best way to get hits on Youtube is to add the words cute, cuddly, kitten and adorable to the description. I think it’s safe to say that none of these animals fall into any of those categories. What we do have here are crack head dogs, dogs staring at asses, cokehead bears and pissed off owl.

What, I need hits…

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