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Best Ever: Penalty Kick Trick Shot (Video)

7 Apr

Hmmmm I didn’t know that’s how you say fuck you in soccer.


Best Ever: Snubbyj Rocks the PVC Pipes (video)

24 Nov

This is just impressive in so many ways. Ever seen Blue Man Group? Well this kid is a like a budget BMG. Believe me, that’s not an insult.

Here is the ridiculous song list this kid plays on the pipes. The only thing I know how to play on a pipe is sit down and eat a bowl of cereal. Nah’mean, dog!?

-Office Theme Song
-Linus and Lucy
-Turkish March
-Mario Brothers Theme
-In the Hall of the Mountain King
-Bad Romance
-Viva La Vida
-Like a Virgin
-Crazy Train
-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
-James Bond Theme
-Pirates of the Caribbean Theme
-The Final Countdown (featuring my friend, Quin)

Best Ever: Little Asian Kid Rocks! Hate Myself For Loving You (Drum Cover)

8 Nov

Ok I get it, Asian’s are really good at everything. This kid better watch out, this video is about to blow up and soon enough Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be plotting his adoption. I say plotting because I feel like they are Navy Seals when it comes to that shit. They just sneak in, grab the kid and bounce back to America before anyone knows what’s happened.


Fainting Goat Kittens: Yup, Kittens Fainting (Video)

27 Oct

So apparently kittens can actually get cuter. Thanks, world, I’ll take five of them.

According to the source:

charlie and spike are two kittens with myotonia congenita, otherwise known as ‘fainting goat’ syndrome. at the slightest sound, the kittens respond by collapsing and falling into a rigid paralysis which lasts about a minute before they return to normal. This condition has hardly ever before been diagnosed in a cat, is rarely found in dogs and is more common in goats. The kittens are able to walk, but they cannot run or jump. aside from this they are normal

Just for fun, here is an actual fainting goat.

That is a funny looking Whopper. Why does it look like you have curly fries too?

23 Jun

For the safety of those involved I am going to use false identities.

(Photo evidence of this story is below. I urge you to read the story before viewing the photos. It makes it that much better).

The day was long and hot. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky so it’s a good thing there was a ridiculous amount of booze to quench our thirst. What started off as a day of love and rejoice quickly devolved into a shit show filled with miscreants looking to let loose and make bad decisions. Now I’m not exactly sure how and when the night took the turn, but boy am I glad that it did because I have to tell you, I’m happy as fuck that I was able to live something so hilariously preposterous that I actually peed a little in my pants (no lie).

By this point I was so inebriated that I had the motor skills of a toddler (that’s being generous), but if my mush ball of a mind memory serves me correctly it was about 11pm PST that we made the move to the local Burger King. I should have known where things were heading after we were forced to leave the roof top garden that we brought the post, post wedding party too because the couple who owned the place were about to pull a Bobby and Whitney over what I believe had to do with some recent infidelity. Don’t quote me on that though. I was probably thirty drinks deep by this point (it was a wedding. don’t judge)… Anyway, since the seven or eight of us who were still standing were highly intoxicated and in need of some non-liquid fuel we stopped at the fist place we saw, which just so happened to be (as said above) a 24hr BK right down the road from where we just vacated.

As we were walking down the road, we’ll call the star of the show Trina suddenly realizes that she does not have her sandals and instead of walking back two hundred yards to pick them up she decides that she wants a piggy back. I just so happened to be the person staggering directly in front of her. Lucky me… Before I have time to react to the thumping foot steps getting louder and faster behind me, “Trina” does a full out long jump style leap onto my back, almost knocking me clean out of my shoes. It is at this exact moment when things started getting really strange.

Trina has her legs wrapped around my back so tight that I actually thought she was going to cause internal injuries. Soon after she decides to use me as public transportation, she begins whispering sweet nothings some weird “come-ons” in my ear. These brilliant lines were so hilariously awful that I actually remember word for word what she was saying.

Trina: You like that grip?

Me: It actually kind of hurts my kidney

Trina: I could be your problem tonight. You want a problem tonight because I could be it?!

Me: I don’t want any problems. I like to stay problem free. Can you hop off, my kidney is about to have a serious problem.

Trina: Let’s go get my sandals and reverse the grip.

Me: No, no, no, no. You need to hop down and walk it off while I check for bruising.

Trina: Whatever, I can do great things, you’re missing out…

Trina, not even fazed by being rejected, proceeds to storm away to find her next victim. We’ll call him Barney. As we all began unloading our beers and our bottle of Jack Daniels, Trina tells us she wants a Whopper and walks over to Barney. It’s at this point there was a small group decision that we needed to go through the drive thru on our feet (and avoid Trina sexually harassing Barney) since none of us had wheel, and, well we were starving.

Vancouver 09 208Apparently, to our surprise, there was a hobo who called BK home, and he was none to please at the spectacle. Probably contemplating a mass murder he took himself inside with his cup of coffee and watched us order our food while we slugged from the JD bottle and dry heaved. When we get back towards the front we see Trina straddling Barney while he’s screaming at the top of his lungs, “I need an adult! I need an adult!” Seeing that this assault was doing nothing, Trina, like a true predator, sniffed out her next and final victim, Kojo. It was a serious National Geographic moment. Vancouver 09 212

I’m pretty sure we didn’t realize that Trina and Kojo were missing for a good fifteen minutes, but when we did it ended up being the single funniest moment of my entire life (sad, I know). As our liquor soaked stomachs began absorbing the greasy excuse for food Burger King dishes out, our group starts to check the area to see if we can sneak up on anything private. Little did we know that this was a not so private event after all. Me being the adventurer I am decided to break away from the pack. When I walked away from the group to check around the corner I most certainly was not prepared for what I was about to see. I mean I knew I would see some PDA, but this. This was pretty much out a porn shoot. Thankfully I had my trusty point and shoot on me and out of sheer instinct I posted it up on the wall while I hid around the corner like James Bond and snapped one single shot. The shot heard round the world (or at least the neighborhood):


How's your Whopper?

How's your Whopper?


Here is Trina, not even on her knees, bobbing for apples 5ft to the left of window 1 at the drive thru giving all of the BK employees a free show. Not knowing what to do with the piece of gold I held in my hands, I just jumped around screaming and laughing like the drunken jackass I am was. Everyone in the group assumed I found them, but they were not ready for what I was about to show them. After everyone had a good look at the photo we all b-line to the opposite side of the lot to try and snap more shots of the love birds. This is when we find some random guy attempting to order from the pick-up window, but having no luck because the people inside were pressed up against the glass watching Kojo get throat punching Tina right next to him. Vancouver 09 217

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that night to end up the way it did. At 11am we sat through a beautiful service outside in Vancouver, followed by a classy breakfast buffet (seriously it was amazing) and bocce ball and croquet. People were happy and showing no signs of what lied ahead. I gotta tell you though. Boy am I glad that I was the one taking the pictures. Suffice it to say, Trina ended up getting the Whopper she asked us to order her after all.

I triple dog dare any of you out there to tell a story as great as that. If you have photo evidence that’s a huge plus, but I may have to give myself the Best Ever Award on this right here.


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