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Best Ever: Cute Kid LOVES Kid Cudi (video)

29 Mar


There seems to be a baby trend today. Oh well, I’m just gonna roll with it. And therefore I have nothing remotely witty to say.


Adorable Kid Stars in “The Jokester” (Video)

25 Mar

Apparently CoCo Bean thinks he’s the funniest baby in the world. I happen to agree….for the moment, that is.

Be careful if you’re blonde, your head might explode. If you didn’t get that joke it’s probably because you’re blonde.

P.S. this dad is a genius, or a complete prick. You decide.


You’re Doing it All Wrong! Kid Attempts to Drink Water

8 Dec

This kid is just adorable. A bit slow, but adorable none-the-less.

I guess when you’re that young drinking problems are just considered cute. Try that in you’re 20’s. Not so cute. Trust me.

This Baby LOVES Jesus, scares the Bejesus Out of Me!

26 Oct

Ok so I rarely ever see a child that makes me fear the future, nor do I ever really see a child that reminds me so much of an inbred 90 year old. Looks like this kid wins…or loses. Actually, she totally loses. Put your arms down ya puffy little bible thumper and listen to Raffi like a normal kid!

Note to self, stay the hell away from Lakeland Florida. Although with places like the Ignited Church I’m sure this place is party central…

God that’s an ugly child.

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