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Innovation Out Does Innovation Trying to Outdo Innovation

1 Apr



Best Ever: Mary Kate and Ashley – Adorably Racist (video)

28 Mar


Ummm what the shit just happened there? Did they just throw fried chicken into the black guys guitar box?

This just in. Yes, they did, in fact just throw fried chicken into the black guys guitar box. Who do they think they are, Paris Hilton or something?


Adorable Kid Stars in “The Jokester” (Video)

25 Mar

Apparently CoCo Bean thinks he’s the funniest baby in the world. I happen to agree….for the moment, that is.

Be careful if you’re blonde, your head might explode. If you didn’t get that joke it’s probably because you’re blonde.

P.S. this dad is a genius, or a complete prick. You decide.


Rebecca Black – Dimitri Finds Out Today is Friday (video)

23 Mar

I have a soft spot for funny Russian people. Perhaps because I am one.


Best Ever: Hipster Trap

14 Mar

Well this is just superb, if you ask me…which you didn’t.


Old school Throw Back: Delta Airlines Ebonics Commercial

23 Feb

I’m not sure what prompted me to post this video. It’s crazy old (in Internet years, I mean), but I remember being a young lad watching this with my friends cracking up. Oh how I miss the days when In Living Color was on the air. Now we have shows like How to ruin eight kids lives and become a fame whore. Good times.

“Y’all goin on vacation? See the thing is if you ’bout to be up out this biatch, check it, peep Delta. We be flyin all over this bitch!”

“A Little Like You” – Adrian Grenier (video)

27 Jan

Everything in this video confuses me. This is from a movie? A real movie? Do you think he has to play Vince to play these roles (guy behind the guy type thing)? I never even remember that he’s real, I just think of him in character.

I ran into him the other day at Ave B and 2nd Street in the city. He’s a lot taller than I’d imagined. That has nothing to do with this blog. And I’ve never imagined his height.


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