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Best Ever: DJ Craze Does Dubstep, Live (video)

1 Apr

Anyone who’s known me long enough knows that I used to be fairly heavy into the ones and twos. It’s shit like this that makes me miss scratching and mixing beats. It’s also shit like this that makes me realize why I stopped doing it in the first place.

DJ Craze needs no introduction for most, but for those of you who are not aware of this magician (assholes) he has won five DMC World Championships. Which is just flippin insane. Anyway, enough talk. Go listen to this masterpiece.



Best Ever: Rap cat, Meow That’s Some Gangsta S#!T

28 Mar


How in the world did I miss this? I’m sorry, Internet. I’ll never hurt you again.

RIP B.I.G. A NewsOne Tribute (video)

9 Mar

New York’s NewsOne interviewed folks around Biggie’s old hood on the 14th anniversary of his death.


Man has the rap game fallen off since the passing of Biggie and Pac. Only seems like yesterday coming home with Life after Death album.


Best EVER! A TRIBE CALLED QUEST Documentary Trailer (Created by: Michael Rapaport)

2 Dec


Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

If you love Hip-Hop, you love ATCQ. If you don’t love Hip-Hop, you probably still love ATCQ.

Just watch the video.


Holy Shit! The History of Rap w/Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, The Roots (Video)

30 Sep

Well this is fucking amazing. I like Justin Timberlake more and more everyday. And Jimmy Fallon? That dude has serious rythm. Check it out before the video is pulled!

Best Song Ever? Bangs – ‘Meet Me On Facebook’ Exclusive

13 Aug

Meet me on Facebook? Really? Here comes some brand new flava for your ears. And this fresh cut comes directly from Bangs8, a 19 year old rap artist born in North Khartoum, Sudan, who of course is hilariously horrible (insert generic African joke here). I mean this dude is bad. Like, really bad. And I don’t mean bad as is in good, I mean bad as is HORRIBLE.

Bangs spits hot fia! If you couldn’t understand some of what he said in that monstrosity, I have transcribed one of his killer verses below, son!

“Hey shawty, you been talking about me; I know that you love me; meet me on da Facebook; Gimme yah email address so I can add you as a friend”


“Da conversation was really good on da Facebook; she was tryin to show me her love, and I was tryin to make her smile. She was chatting with me for a while, telling me what’s going down; I told her nothing much, I’m just around.”

If he does have anything going for him though, it’s that girl in the video. She’s way too hot to be in this thing.

12 Jul

I’ve never added music to the site before, but today I felt was a good day. Maybe because the songs really good, or maybe it’s how hungover I am. Either way, I figured this post would count as being productive in some way. Fuck I need to sleep. Just listen to the song, would yah.

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