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Best Ever: Cute Kid LOVES Kid Cudi (video)

29 Mar


There seems to be a baby trend today. Oh well, I’m just gonna roll with it. And therefore I have nothing remotely witty to say.


Adorable Kid Stars in “The Jokester” (Video)

25 Mar

Apparently CoCo Bean thinks he’s the funniest baby in the world. I happen to agree….for the moment, that is.

Be careful if you’re blonde, your head might explode. If you didn’t get that joke it’s probably because you’re blonde.

P.S. this dad is a genius, or a complete prick. You decide.


Banksy Thumbs his Nose at the Academy, Simon Egan

10 Mar

The above picture is apparently Banksy’s response to his Oscar loss (where he was robbed). The piece is a portrait of 15-month old Lara Egan, daughter of The King’s Speech co-producer, Simon Egan who dropped and damaged her father Oscar statue on camera (below).


Best Ever: Little Asian Kid Rocks! Hate Myself For Loving You (Drum Cover)

8 Nov

Ok I get it, Asian’s are really good at everything. This kid better watch out, this video is about to blow up and soon enough Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be plotting his adoption. I say plotting because I feel like they are Navy Seals when it comes to that shit. They just sneak in, grab the kid and bounce back to America before anyone knows what’s happened.


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