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Best Ever: Scenes from Internet and Street Smarts

29 Mar


And the moral of the story is never trust an old man with a mustache. Period.


Ron de Jeremy Rum, Bitches!

26 Jan

That’s right, readers of my blog, your favorite Mario (with a hardon) lookalike, Ron Jeremy has a rum line. The product has been created by master distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, who I assume has an amazing sense of humor and a serious passion for troll porn.

According to the site description, Ron de Jeremy “opens up smoothly, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship. the oak comes through robustly and satisfyingly, yet gently enough to allow hints of vanilla and raw sugarcane to reveal themselves. The finish is elegant and long.” Ok so enough about his dick, tell me about the rum. OHHHHH

Price is TBD


Best Ever: Two Hipsters and a Bong (video)

16 Nov

If any of you live in NYC or know anyone who’s a hipster, you’re going to love this. It’s pretty much spot on. Silly hipsters and your pretending like you care about nothing. I see right through you and your flannel!

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