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Amanda Palmer at The Shorty Awards 2011 – Singing a song made up of tweets

29 Mar

There is something so magical about this Amanda Palmer Twitter anthem. It really shows you the true depth of what Twitter offers the world, ya know. For instance famous people can be huge douche bags and write things that would get anyone else slapped….Oh wait, that’s it. That’s really all it offers. Oh, and CNN can waste an entire hour reading Tweets. Fun!


Best Ever: The Nic Cage Song (Video)

18 Jan

Well what can I say about Nic Cage that hasn’t been said by every other person on the planet? It’s no news that this guy is certifiably insane. I mean, off of his fucking rocker nuts. So with that being said, here is a mashup of all of his freakouts. There are a lot in case you were wondering.

According to my source this video was created by hybridZer0 for the Toby “Radiation” Fox homage to Academy Award-winning actor Nic Cage. According to me, well played, sir.

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