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Skillet the Bulldog stars in HUMPIN’

23 Mar

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love bulldogs way too much for my own good (Get your mind out of the gutter you pervs). Ok, well Skillet is just fucking amazing in too many ways to count. If I ever saw this dog on the street I would steal it…. Or lour it away from it’s owner with a sexy little teady bear in a garter belt. Either or.

Look, even the cat is in awe of this pooch screwing doggy style!


Best Divorce Letter Ever. Ever!

8 Mar

This guy has a really funny way of showing his grief. Well played, sir. Well played.

I’m just going to have to say, if this is real, Connie just got served! Epic FAIL, Connie.

Amare Stoudemire: PETA Ad Campaign with Leather Ball

5 Mar

Maybe you’ve seen the latest PETA ad (above) which bares a topless Amare Stoudemire holding a Spalding basketball while rockin his hilariously cheesy tattoos that every pro basketball player in the world has. Anyway, tattoos aside, the hilarity that I found in this ad, which, mind you, I find hilarity in every PETA ad because those ladies are bat shit crazy, is that Amare is holding a Spalding basketball…in fact; he is holding a Spalding TF-1000 basketball made of “exclusive Microfiber Composite Leather”. LEATHER!!!

Who the hell failed to see that one during the photo shoot?

I can just imagine a meeting of the minds at PETA headquarters. Those rocket scientists must have thought they were brilliant with this one.. Hey, I have an idea, let’s get a male athlete who wears leather shoes, and plays with a leather ball to come talk about cruelty to animals. Smart, right?! Maybe the crew of terrorists at PETA need to get their heads out of their asses before designing such a retarded ad campaign. Just a thought thought.

World – 1

PETA – 0

Here’s another one with Ron Artest of all people.

Leather belt? Check!

Leather shoes? Check!

Tiki Barber’s Name has “Tiki Bar” in it. Do you think he knows?

4 Mar

This post is short and sweet. Much like Smurfette….? An ode to my sister, if you will. And the hilariously adorable things that spill out of her mouth/out of her keyboard.

I would put this glory on Failbooking, but this actually isn’t a fail. In fact it fucking hilarious enough that I felt the need to spend time publishing it. I need a life.

Anywho, check it!

Me: just saw Tiki Barber on Lex and 57th. kinda want to call him a punk b!#*h for the hell of it.

My sister: who’s tiki barber? does he know that his name has the word “tiki bar” in it? someone should tell him before he gets embarrassed.

Lovely family, eh?

Photo by Gordon Ball

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