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Top 5 Most Beautiful Females (Picture Evidence)

30 Jul

Today’s post is dedicated to women. Beautiful famous women to be exact. Beautiful women that if I could ever meet any of them I would probably left speachless in a corner unable to turn around (if yah catch my drift). Honestly, there are so many people in Hollywood that are made out to be so hot (like Cameron Diaz that fug b*itch), but in reality they are just regular people with stylists and make-up artists. Anyone can look semi-good like that and if you can’t then shame on you. So this post is to the true beauties! The ones that even make women say “I’d do her”. Women probably say it differently, but I think you get the point. Below is my TOP 5 pick for the most beautiful (famous) women out there. This was not an easy task putting them in order by the way, I found myself zoning out for extended periods imaging myself growing old with all of them. Dreams are amazing!

Please feel free to send in your Top 5 and I will post your comments on the blog tomorrow. Would love to hear what people think about my top 5!
Also, Any ladies reading this blog that want to take a shot at being a guest blogger; Send me a few paragraphs, some pics and your Top 5 hottest male celebs!

TOP 5 Most Beautiful Women

5. Jessica Alba

4. Megan Fox

3. Bar Rafaeli

2. Miranda Kerr

1. Adriana Lima

Honorable Mentions:

Heidi Klum

Freida Pinto


Alessandra Ambrosio


“What Do a Bunch of Drunk Canadians do on a Winter’s Day When Not Skiing?”

29 Jul

How many under slept, half drunk dudes in their mid 20’s does it take to build a ridiculous snow igloo? Give up? Seven to be exact.

Vermont 044

It wasn’t the easiest task the group of us had taken on, but we were dedicated and we had enough beer to get us through the day (and somehow through the night as well). To this day, what we did still amazes me.

It was President’s Day weekend, 2009. What a weekend it was! I don’t know how or why I was so content on making sure this trip happened, but I guess subconsciously I knew it was destined to be a great one. As we discussed the possibility of having a rager at some ridiculous house in Vermont I remember telling everyone that we “had to make an igloo to drink in!!!” Surprisingly, everyone was down with the idea and didn’t look at me like I was retarded (which happens quite often).

I could tell a story about each night, or even the weekend in general, but I think that would be a 400 page novel. I’ll save you the brain span and keep it to this day only. Boy was that a beautiful day – The whole group consisted of 18 degenerates. Some worse than others obviously. If my fried ball of mush in my skull brain remembers correctly, there were 13 or 14 of us who stayed behind to be idiots. Or geniuses; you decide. Instead of hitting the mountain three days in a row we stayed around the house, drinking all day and just enjoying an amazing winter afternoon. Some enjoyed it more than others (lazy suckers who did nothing)

Vermont 038

At first we couldn’t conceptualize the design. All the white kids were fumbling around with a piece of ply wood, shot gunning and mailmaning beers on it. Vermont 041

And then to procrastinate more, after we were already all sorts of fucked up we decided that the ply wood would better used as a battering ram than a door for the igloo. Fucking idiots, I know. Then it dawned on us. We knew we brought an Asian kid for a reason. The same Asian kid that used to make bongs out of watermelons…. It was written in his DNA, what can I say? Cheong, being the mad scientist he is, figured out that since the snow was too hard to make into boulders that we should use the big red shovel to cut actual ice blocks and stack them (Yeah like an actual igloo is supposed to be made. I already told you were slamming beers all day so fuck off).

Vermont 036

So after a long time coming, the igloo was on its way and believe me when I tell you, it was glorious. Ancient Greek architects would have been proud of this thing. Frank Lloyd Wright could learn a thing or two from us to be honest. I’m an idiot, I know. But in all seriousness, this thing was so cool. As the foundation was set we then grabbed the tarps off the truck, found a broken tree for support and put the roof on. It was truly an amazing site. I mean this “building was tall enough that we could all stand without bending over. There was a row of benches around the entire structure, and, the best part was the fire pit we built on the outside, which for some reason I do not have an image of. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline, or the drunkenness, but most of us stayed outside for a good 10 hours just enjoying nature. Thanks to all who came and made it an amazing weekend that we will never forget. Until next year.

Vermont 053

Vermont 056

If you have ever gone above and beyond an done anything like this please share it with the viewers. I may need some nee

UPDATE: Best Ever Gangsta Rap Cartoon (Remix) Videos

29 Jul

Quick update from yesterday’s post. Thanks to those who sent me the vids. Bert & Ernie are fucking priceless!

Best Ever: Gangsta Rap Cartoon (Remix) Videos

28 Jul

Unless you have been living under a rock over the past few years (with the housing market it is pretty possible) then you have seen at least one of these ‘remix’ videos that pop up on YouTube every other fucking day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good laugh, but 90% of these things suck balls. Therefor I am attaching my personal favorite as number one…and some others that are just filler. Honestly if you can watch the video above without laughing you have no soul and screw you!

Oh and one just for fun. Big shout of to my man man, Billy Mays. RIP.

Best Ever Michael Jackson Tribute. Baseball Style.

28 Jul

This amazing video is of, Casey Mulligan, with the Class A, Long Beach Cardinals. Obviously the video would be better if the little brat in the background wasn’t so annoying, but still, I dare you not to laugh at this dude cutting a rug. Well played, sir. Well played.

Also, for your veiwing pleasure I am attaching the dance off between USF and UConn which happened last month as well as a cute little tyke about to pee his pants for the amusement of their parents. Nice, I know.

Best Way to Hide You’re a Serial Killer: BedBunker Concealed Gun Case

28 Jul


Do you live in a dangerous city? Do you want to protect your family? Maybe you’re worried about zombies? Regardless of the reason to have something like this I am already afraid of you and hope we can remain friends. Have I told you how much I like your hair lately?

With the BedBunker ($2,200-$4,000) you can keep your arsenal of firearms safe, secure, and ready for a midnight invasion of post apocalyptic proportion with the Boasting a powder-coated 10 gauge steel body, quarter-inch doors, a heavy-duty fire resistant sealing system, and high-security Mul-T-Lock.  The BedBunker will replace your typical box springs, fitting into most normal bed frames with threaded legs for easy adjustments, and holds as many as 32 rifles and 70 hand guns, or more than enough firepower to last through the first few stages of House of the Dead 2. I mean comfort is so last year anyway. Go bust some heads.

Best Taser Ever? Taser x3

28 Jul

Great, the police are hard at work making better and more elaborate tasers to fuck us up with. Don’t they have better things to do like making better and more elabortate donuts to get from Dunkin Donuts? The video below is the new Taser x3 which can shoot three people at once. I repeat, THREE PEOPLE AT ONCE! with no reloading! From up to thirty-five feet away! Can you say, fuck? Don’t worry though, apparently it “features a ‘pulse calibration system’” which allows for electricity to be distributed across the outer layer of skin rather than penetrating deeper into the body.” Translation: They’re hoping not to fry & kill anyone while in the process of using these things, like the 300 other folks that died as a result within the last year.

Does anyone else find it odd that there is a crew of big male cops shooting three tiny women? Umm I smell some serious pussy. No not the three that are frying on the ground

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