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Glenn Beck Will Ruin America: Restoring Honor (Video)

31 Aug

Not that it’s surprising, but Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally that he (smugly) threw on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream speech brought out some of America’s fattest, most redneck, inbread racist…people?

I’m sorry you had to suffer through that. I’m also sorry that as a Dual Citizen I live in America. After seeing people like this I really want to go back to Canada. How uniformed people really are (sigh)…

Cheers to Chase Whiteside of New Left Media for the interviews.

Also, incase you missed this hilarious joint too.


James Franco Cuts His Arm Off: ‘127 Hours’ Trailer

26 Aug

Well this Trailer looks badass. Director Danny Boyle seems to have done it again. As if directing Slumdog Millionaire didn’t bring him enough Oscars, he’s back with his latest bonerific movie, ‘127 Hours,’ starring James Franco.

Before you watch the trailer, I’m just going to assume that everyone who reads my blog knows who Aron Ralston is… If not, the cliff note version (no pun intended) is, this is the dude who cut his own fucking arm off with a dull knife after falling through a crevasse in Utah. With that little bit of gut churning knowledge, check this video out. Blam!

The NY Post’s (unofficial) response to the New York Times Weekender commercial

23 Aug

Have you ever seen that absolutely ridiculous New York Times Weekender ad on TV that just makes you want to set fire to a trash can full of New York Times Weekenders hot garbage? Well apparently the people at Happy Cousins feel the same way as me. Watch this hilarious video response from the best tree raping, waste of paper newspaper in town. The New York Post.

Dora The Explorer is a Spanish Gangster (Video)

23 Aug

I had no idea that Dora was from the Bronx…Re-dubs are fun.

Cee-Lo Green- ‘F&$k You” (Official Video)

22 Aug

Cee-Lo Green straight kills it with his new single, “Fuck You”. The title is pretty self-explanatory so enjoy, folks!

Best Song Ever? Bangs – ‘Meet Me On Facebook’ Exclusive

13 Aug

Meet me on Facebook? Really? Here comes some brand new flava for your ears. And this fresh cut comes directly from Bangs8, a 19 year old rap artist born in North Khartoum, Sudan, who of course is hilariously horrible (insert generic African joke here). I mean this dude is bad. Like, really bad. And I don’t mean bad as is in good, I mean bad as is HORRIBLE.

Bangs spits hot fia! If you couldn’t understand some of what he said in that monstrosity, I have transcribed one of his killer verses below, son!

“Hey shawty, you been talking about me; I know that you love me; meet me on da Facebook; Gimme yah email address so I can add you as a friend”


“Da conversation was really good on da Facebook; she was tryin to show me her love, and I was tryin to make her smile. She was chatting with me for a while, telling me what’s going down; I told her nothing much, I’m just around.”

If he does have anything going for him though, it’s that girl in the video. She’s way too hot to be in this thing.

Asian kids doing Asian Things: It Doesn’t Get More Accurate Than That

12 Aug

Compliments go out to Heavy

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