Katie Couric is a Dancing Machine

24 Nov

So before this hits every major news outlet ever and turns into a ridiculous story about how Katie Couric has an alcohol abuse problem or that she’s an ungodly lesbian, I thought that I would post it and say, GOOD FOR YOU, KATIE! Before I just thought you were some drone that could seamlessly fuck up the political career of some untalented she devil of politicians with your Jedi Mind Tricks. Now I kind of want to attend a wedding you’re at so we can slug beers, crush the cans on our foreheads, then go push old people down stairs and throw water balloons into traffic. That’s what I call a party! Think you can hang?

The following pictures were taken at a wedding in 2006. Whoever leaked these is obviously a huge asshole and deserves 100 hammer punches.

P.S. is it just me or does Katie look pretty damn good?


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